Our team at Lochley has been working with small businesses in the Richmond area for over a decade. Working closely with our clients we have helped develop brands through creative design, stunning imagery, intuitive websites, and effective marketing.

Generating Results

Lochley is a full service creative services team that is dedicated to generating results while helping your brand look great and taking the guesswork and stress out of making your brand accessible and delivering your business to potential customers. We are committed to being there for you every step along the way, helping your brand grow, and creating meaningful connections with your audience through great design, imagery, and marketing.

Great marketing isn’t simply about putting yourself in front of the customer, it’s about creating lasting connections and experiences that people identify with. Brands and businesses that complement those experiences with artful visuals, stunning imagery, and intuitive web design are better able to create long lasting engagement with their audiences. Lochley wants to be your partner in creating those experiences, attracting your audience, and sustaining their enjoyment. 

Creating Experiences

Dedicated To You

Working personally with our clients to create meaningful experiences is at the heart of our mission at Lochley. We work directly with you to provide the best design, commercial photography, and marketing services possible. As a full service team, we can improve how your brand is seen across multiple platforms and in various settings while staying responsive to the specific needs and goals of your business.