Custom modern responsive website design, maintenance, management, and more.

From logos to booklets, from digital to print, we can handle all of your creative design.

Achieve your goals with professional consultation from your local marketing manager. 

Better engagement, consistent content, and more interaction with social management 

Make your business and products stand out with professional photography.

Understand trends, make sense of traffic, and chart your next move with clear analytics.

Get your business in front of the people most likely to purchase your products & services.


Improve your online visibility. Rank better on Google and other search engines.

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You have full access to your own dedicated Marketing Manager. From consultation and procurement, to design, advertising, and media management, your Marketing Manager will be there to offer advice, answer your questions, and guide you through all facets of your marketing strategy. 



 We create, schedule, analyze, and execute your social media campaign. The nature of social media is always changing. Whats trending? What are potential customers responding to? How is your business portrayed in this space? We handle it all for you. With the use of social listening to keep you ahead of the curve and detailed analytics tools, Lochley can help your company stay relevant, visible, and attractive to current and potential customers. 



Customer loyalty is vital to the success of any business and how effectively you engage with your customers can make the difference between a forgettable brand and one that creates raving fans. Brands that have consistent digital customer engagement grow faster, have a more loyal customer base, and have over 450% more word of mouth references than brands that do not. Lochley will engage with your customers on various media platforms giving a consistent, reliable, and trusting voice to your brand while creating a sense of loyalty and enthusiasm. Customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% share of profitability, revenue, and relationship growth compared to the average customer. – Gallup


 We take a deep look at your business's web presence to find areas where you may be underperforming. Your website, social media presence, SEO, aggregate sites presence, online brand recognition, and other factors are evaluated to give you the best information to make sure your business is visible, in front of the right audience, and sending the message you want to your current and potential customers. 


Who is viewing your content? Where are they coming from? What pages are visitors landing on the most? How often is your brand mentioned on social media? What demographics is your brand doing best with and which could you make the most progress with? Aggregating and analyzing the valuable information associated with your company's digital presence is key to modern marketing success and Lochley is here to give you the data and analysis to help you make the best decisions for your business. 


Lochley provides you with custom tailored reports that give you metrics and data about your marketing efforts. Your customer feedback, web traffic, engagement numbers, digital reach, and more are presented in a way that gives you valuable information that is compelling and easy to understand.  



Search Engine Optimization is about increasing the number or organic visitors to your digital platforms. Having a website, social media page, or online store is important but it can't be utilized to it's fullest extent if people can't find you. SEO allows you to better connect with people searching for your product or service and turn them into customers. SEO helps optimize your web presence to keep your business relevant to popular search engines and algorithms. Proper use of SEO is one of the best returns on investment you can make for your business's marketing strategy. 


Lochley will create a beautiful modern website for your business from the ground up. Our sites are fast, stable, engaging, and built with growth in mind. An attractive and effective website is the best way to convert potential customers. Good web design is intuitive, informative, and creates trust between your business and its customers. Lochley will work with you to not only build a great looking website but maintain it and provide analysis as well. All of our websites come with SSL Security Certification.  


Customers have access to your website across a wide range of devices. We've all seen poorly optimized websites that look fine on a computer monitor but horrible on your phone or sites that don't scale their content to the screen so you are left with giant images and tiny text. These days someone may view your site on a desktop monitor in the morning, on a mobile phone screen at lunch, a laptop screen in the afternoon, and their tablet at night. Lochley will insure that your site looks great no matter the device. Responsive web design is all about giving visitors to your website a smooth, streamlined, and beautiful experience regardless of the screen they are viewing it on. Different aspect ratios, screen resolutions, and input methods are all important to take into account when someone views your website. Lochley takes care of it all for you and ensures your site adapts to all the different devices it may be viewed on while still looking great. 


If you already have a website or other digital presence and you need that content moved to your new site, Lochley will be happy to do it for you. Previous media, copy, documents, and more, we can migrate everything to your new site.  


Professional copywriting can make a huge difference for your business and Lochley is here to give you that edge. Great copywriting works towards producing an action from your customers. Whether it's purchasing a product, signing up for a rewards program, or just contacting you for more information, effective copywriting puts both your business goals and your customers interests on the same page. How your product or service is communicated can change depending on your audience, the platform, and media. Proper copy helps create value by establishing the correct tone and encouraging customers to take necessary action.


Lochley doesn't just create beautiful responsive websites for you. We are here every step of the way to manage the site for you. When you need updates we are on top of it. New copy, contact and product information, etc. Lochley is there to keep everything up to date and looking great. We keep your site running exactly the way you need it to. 


Your dedicated Marketing Manager is here to provide personal one on one marketing consultation. We are here to answer any questions you may have, help guide you in the right direction, and provide you with the most relevant and useful information for your businesses marketing strategy. From print to web, promotional materials to graphic design, and branding to customer engagement, Lochley is committed to being there for you at every step. We will help you through each phase of your marketing process and provide valuable feedback all along the way. 


We are obsessive about providing great graphic design at Lochley. Having your brand represented through great graphic design is essential. The difference between an effective campaign and a waste of money can often rest solely on the strength of it's design. Lochley is able to provide experienced professional graphic design that tells the story of your brand in a clean, effective, and attractive way. Your business needs to be able to convey information quickly and accurately and with constant stimulus, your brand needs to stand out while projecting a reliable theme across a wide range of media. Lochley is your source for amazing graphic design to represent your business. 


Commercial photography presents your brand in the best possible light. It's not just informative. It creates an atmosphere in which your brand is viewed. It elicits the exact emotions you want associated with your product or service. Great commercial photography doesn't just present the product. It allows the customer to imagine themselves interacting with it. They can see themselves in your establishment or enjoying your service. They picture themselves with your product in their own home and anticipate the emotion associated with how your product is presented through professional commercial photography. Lochley has the experience, equipment, and expertise to show your brand through the best possible lens. 


Lochley can keep your brand in the minds of your customers through promotional products. Choosing the right product for the customer is important. Promo items are persistent marketing, designed to last and deliver your message repeatedly, over time. With the right promo items your brand is not just kept relevant to your customers but the experience they associate with that promotional piece will translate to your brand with greater loyalty and stronger attachment.


AD campaigns are at the heart of a good marketing strategy. Lochley will design, test, implement, and analyze modern AD campaigns for your business across multiple platforms. We use tested strategy and artful design to connect with potential customers in direct and meaningful ways.  



Print is still a valuable tool for any marketing strategy and Lochley is able to provide you with printing services to fit your needs. Brochures, Banners, Flyers, Business Cards, Signage, and more. Print provides a tangible platform that gives your marketing materials weight and authority. Sometimes there is just no substitute for physical presence to convey your product or service. The right print materials can be an invaluable tool to connect with your customers.